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Olivia Fadda

Olivia believes in honoring each individual's beauty, celebrating self expression, and the transformative power of haircolor! 


Olivia has been a Color Specialist since 2012. She pursued her calling to hairdressing immediately after high school. Since then, she has prided herself on connecting with her clients, and coloring to compliment the wearer's personality and lifestyle. She spent the first two years of her career developing her skills at CODE Salon in the New Talent Color Specialist training program. After completing her program, she went on to co-develop and teach the program to new hires beginning their color careers! She has focused the entirety of her career mastering balayage techniques, dimensional brunettes, healthy blondes, glowing reds, and fashion hues.


To keep her creativity energized, Olivia immerses herself in technical industry workshops, nature, books, crafting and volunteering at the local animal shelter.

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