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Amelia P

Priscilla and Jessica gave me the motivation and confidence I needed when it comes to my coloring technique. They make a comfortable environment to work hands on without feeling intimidated. I admire their feedback and praise to take back into the salon with me. I can’t wait to take the next class. They left me craving more. 

Jessie A

Never a dull moment! So fun to see Balayage & Hair Painting happen side by side! Loved all the advice I got during hands on! Thanks ladies!

Ramona W

You were both not only inspiring but also incredibly authentic. You gave the class a feeling of being "at home" and "comfortable" 

Jenny G

Fernanda D

The talented ladies of sf collective were very personable and encouraging. It was my first balayage class and im glad that this was my introduction.You make it looks so effortless. With practice i will get there. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I look forward to more classes. 

LOVED both workshops! I have been root shadowing all of my highlight clients now, and they love it! And so do i!

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